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Dhawarak Indian Hair's 3200 square feet human hair extensions manufacturing unit is a fusion of traditional manufacturing process and contemporary machineries.

At our factory, the raw human hair procured from Indian temple are converted into hair extensions. Chemicals are not used in any step so that our extensions stay healthy with cuticles intact.

Our processes are manual and time consuming -  For example, the hair is dried in sun light and not using heater. Nits and lices are picked manually and not using chemicals. Yet for effective management of time and resource, KANBAN approach is followed. With this method, we control the stock and effectively manage the resources to produce human hair extensions at the right cost and at the right time.

Utmost care is taken not to mix head and tail of a bundle using band technique. Right from procurement, the bundles are tied off at the head and it'll be removed only at the wefting stage. This ensures the hair remains REMY all through the process.

High grade cotton based threads used in textile industry are used in our wefts. They provide durable and long life wefts. Also they are safe and comfortable on skin. Our wefting machines are imported from Japan.

3 step hot water wash is used. Water temperature is monitored throughout the process. No chemical detergents are used. We use our very own shampoo and conditioner based on herbs and natural seeds.

Machine Wefted
Glue used to secure wefts
Weight Per Piece is 100 gram / 3.5 oz
Temple Hair
Length and Texture can be mixed in your order
Sample & Start up Kits available for starters
Styles: Raw Indian | Brazilian | Peruvian | Malaysian

Made from high quality temple hair. Thick and full from head to tail

Every bundle is sourced from a donor; heads and tails unidirectional with cuticles intact

No chemical process; 100% Natural Human Hair

Hair Texture is natural and it can be coloured/curled/straightened

Ultra-Strong Wefts

High grade cotton threads and imported machines (from JAPAN) provides ultra-strong wefts that are safe on skin

Lasts a Lifetime

Can be sewed in and you can live with our hair extensions with little maintenance

Demand Market

Wholesale Human Hair Distributors in United States, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Other western European countries, Australia and Middle East Countries

Remy Single Drawn
Weight Per Piece is 50 gram / 1.75 oz  for the BULK
4*4 Lace Closures and 13*4 Lace Frontals
Temple Hair
Natural Virgin Colour  
Used for making wigs and braiding
Natural Texture
100% Remy Virgin Hair
Natural Human Hair
Cuticles Intact 
Machine Wefted with clips sewn in
6 to 7 Pieces per Bundle
12 to 15 Clips per Bundle
Weight Per Bundle is 115 gram / 4 oz

Remy Virgin Hair

Cuticles Intact

Every bundle is sourced from a donor; heads and tails unidirectional with cuticles intact

Natural Human Hair

Natural Texture

No chemical process; 100% Natural Human Hair

Hair Texture is natural and it can be coloured/curled/straightened

Robust Clips

Imported high tensile clips with additional grip for day to day use
Can be self-installed in few minutes & provides instant volume & length boost

Demand Market

US,France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Other western European countries and India





Hair from a donor are grouped together. Heads were tied together by our procurement team at temple.


The Hair is split and hackled at our factory. It will be regrouped at the end of hackling. 


We take utmost care not to mix the head and tail of hair. A single strand with head and tail distorted might spoil the quality.


Temple hair is a proud possession. We make sure to preserve its originality from procurement till shipment.

BUY Raw Indian Hair direct from our factory in Chennai, India.

* REMY Cutilces Intact * Virgin Natural Colour


NO Chemical - Acid Free Washing & Conditioning.


* Natural Texture * Ultra Strong Wefts * No Tangling


Lasts a lifetime. 


This is the most reliable supplier for my hair company. I have multiple suppliers for my business yet any day I would rate Dhwarak Indian Hair as the best in terms of hair quality, consistency and professionalism.

 While starting up, we cannot afford to spend a lot and their start up kit is the best option for a newbie. It fits the budget and I am amazed by the quality of hair. I am happy to see a manfacturer in India helping out in possible ways to establish my business here in the states. I owe my success to Dhwarak and their team for providing the best hair at the best price and their valuable suggestions for growing my business.

Initially I was more skeptical as I lost a lot of money purchasing hair from India and China. Though I am totally satisfied with Dhwarak's professionalism and commitment over phone and email; I was reluctant in spending again on the hair from India. I made my mind and placed an order. The moment I received the hair... no words!!! I finally got a vendor whom I can rely on and focus just on the sales. Cheers Mate.



DHWARK INDIAN HAIR has auctioned various temples across south India and is responsible for procuring the human hair tonsured at these temples. We've deployed our employees at these temples for tying off the hair post tonsure, collecting and securing them within temple premise.

Every bundle of hair extensions comes from a single donor. We take much of an effort to protect head and tail alignment. Post procurement, the bundles are immediately tied off with elastic rubber bands so that they don't mix up; assuring remy hair.

Hair with colouring/dying subsutances are seperated and only the virgin hair goes further.

Hairs from these temples are transported biweekly/monthly to our factory in Chennai, India.

To auction temple hair, you have to be a big company and should be able to risk huge amount of money. Average "cost of auction" for a temple can easily cross half a million US dollars. So not every company in India has wholesale access to this grade of human hair.


Most of the companies do procure non remy hair which is very cheap;1/10th of the cost of temple hair. Most importantly, it can be bought in very small quantities and the risk factor is very low. So most of the hair companies in India sell cheap non remy hair.

And the case with China is pretty simple. 100% of hair from China is non remy / synthetic / processed animal hair / a mix of them. They have no access to temple hair.

The recent trend across the industry is to do chemical processing all through the steps. For example, nit and lice picking is done using chemicals and it oddly takes minutes to remove nits from 10 Kilo/100 bundles of hair. But the use of chemicals spoils the hair and makes it brittle and rough. Moreover the chemicals damage the cuticles and the shine and beauty of natural hair is lost.


But we at DHWARAK INDIAN HAIR use painstaking and time consuming manual process; on an average, a person picks 7 to 10 bundles per day. So it takes a minimum of 10 man-days to pick 10 Kilo/ 100 bundles of hair whilst the chemical processing does it in minutes. We have no chemical approach at our factory.


Many Thanks,

Chitra and Dhwarak


We've built this company brick by brick and all our efforts are focused on our customer, their business needs and changing market demands. We constantly update our process to provide the best human hair extensions at right price yet not disturbing the natural beauty.


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